Why Project 2025 is creating headaches for the Trump campaign

Project 2025? Never heard of it. That’s what Donald Trump says about a 900-page document from the conservative Heritage Foundation that puts itself forward as a governing agenda for the next Republican president, said CNN. “I know nothing about Project 2025,” the former president said in a post on Truth Social, adding: “I have no […]

US and Germany foil Russian assassination plot

What happened The U.S. and Germany have reportedly thwarted a Russian plot to kill the CEO of German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall, which has been producing shells and tanks for Ukraine. Who said what The plot to kill Armin Papperger (pictured above) was one of a series of Russian plans to assassinate defense industry executives across […]

‘National service could become a pervasive post-graduation option’

‘America should make it easier for young people to serve their country’ The Washington Post editorial board Volunteer organizations like the Peace Corps “should be well-funded and encouraged,” says The Washington Post editorial board. “Many teenagers themselves, it turns out, are interested” in national service, but “relevant programs are underfunded.” Widespread recruitment efforts could “make […]

First Israeli report on Oct. 7 finds ‘severe mistakes and errors’ in IDF response

What happened The first of what is expected to be dozens of Israeli inquiries into security failures during last year’s Oct. 7 attacks found that the Israeli Defense Forces “did not fulfill” its mandate to protect the residents of Kibbutz Be’eri. More than 100 people in the Gaza border community were killed by Hamas militants […]

How close is a Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal?

Hamas has accused Israel of “stalling” over ceasefire negotiations as bombardment of Gaza increases, despite Israel’s assurance that the most intense phase of the war “is about to end”. This week, Qatari and Egyptian mediators in Doha “stepped up efforts” to end the nine-month war, said The Guardian, by hashing out a deal that would secure the release of […]

Quiz of The Week: 6 – 12 July

From Nato’s 75th anniversary summit to Italy’s double volcanic eruptions, it’s been an eventful week on the world stage. To get all the news that matters delivered to your inbox every day, sign up for our new daily digital editions: US readers can find out more here, and here if you’re a reader in the UK.  And […]

‘The studio has run out of marquee heroes’

‘The rise and fall of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’  Kyle Paoletta at The Nation In 2023, the “novelty of the crossover began to wear off — and with it, the profitability of Marvel Studios,” says Kyle Paoletta. People “treating Marvel’s dominance as ‘inevitable'” are ignoring a “truism of Hollywood: Genre films work until they don’t.” […]

Is Amy Coney Barrett the Supreme Court’s new swing justice?

Amy Coney Barrett ascended to the Supreme Court in 2020 on a wave of conservative enthusiasm. And sure enough, she was part of a court majority that overturned Roe v. Wade. But these days “she is beginning to separate herself from the pack in important ways,” said Axios. Among the signs of Barrett’s independence: Her […]

How do political conventions work?

With the 2024 presidential election months away, both the Democrats and the Republicans will soon crown their nominees at their respective conventions: the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.  However, selecting a nominee has not always been a straightforward path in years past. From the 1968 Democratic Convention which […]

Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jets to fly ‘this summer’

What happened NATO members have begun sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, the White House said Wednesday. The initial shipment of the American-made planes, long sought by Kyiv, are being transferred from Denmark and the Netherlands and “will be flying in the skies of Ukraine this summer,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said as NATO […]

What happens if a US president becomes incapacitated?

The United States constitution outlines what should happen if the president becomes ill, dies or is deemed unable to fulfil their duties. Surprisingly, the 25th amendment, which deals with an incapacitated president, was only added to the constitution in 1967 following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. While the Founding Fathers “anticipated […]

What happens if Joe Biden steps down?

President Joe Biden has been adamant that, despite his widely panned performance in the first presidential debate against Donald Trump, he will nevertheless continue running for a second term in office. Defying a growing chorus of Democratic figures demanding he step aside for the good of the country, “the bottom line here is that we’re […]