Victoria Starmer: Keir’s private partner with the calming role

The intense scrutiny placed on politicians, particularly budding prime ministers, is all part of the job. But those closest to them can be more reluctant to step into the limelight. So far in this general election campaign Keir Starmer, widely expected to become PM on 5 July, has kept his family out of the spotlight […]

Putin in Pyongyang: a return to the Cold War days?

It may evoke the darkest days of the Cold War, but Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea this week also elucidates a very contemporary – and hardening – alliance. The Russian president touched down in Pyongyang on Tuesday for a two-day “friendly state visit” to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), his first trip […]

Will Biden’s courtship of seniors make a difference in November?

President Joe Biden is just months away from his electoral rematch with former President Donald Trump, and he’s looking to woo a group of voters he knows well: seniors. At 81, Biden’s age remains a key factor heading into November, and most data shows that his electoral base has seemingly flipped from the 2020 election; […]

‘Far less life-changing than it should have been’

‘Juneteenth is about more than the end of slavery’ Los Angeles Times editorial board  Juneteenth is “no more a holiday just for Black people than the Fourth of July is a holiday just for white people,” says the Los Angeles Times editorial board. It “recognizes and celebrates a profound milestone in American history,” but it […]

Putin visits North Korea amid hunt for weapons

What happened Russian President Vladimir Putin is traveling to Pyongyang on Tuesday for a two-day visit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Putin is making his first trip to North Korea since 2000 as “Moscow is hungry for munitions” to use against Ukraine, The Washington Post said. Putin hosted Kim in far-eastern Russia last […]

Will Nigel Farage be PM by 2030?

Nigel Farage has set out a two-election strategy that he claims paves the way for him to be elected as prime minister after his Reform UK party becomes the main opposition to Labour. Speaking yesterday before launching his party’s manifesto, called “Our Contract With You”, Farage said he hoped the upcoming 4 July election would […]

‘When you get sick, the focus should be on getting better’

‘The credit reporting system shouldn’t punish Americans for getting sick’ Rohit Chopra at CNN Medical billing errors are “filling Americans’ credit reports with junk data that makes lenders’ underwriting decisions less accurate,” says Rohit Chopra. Medical debt is a “poor signal of whether someone will pay a debt,” and banning it from credit reports “would […]

Donald Trump’s biggest legal threats

In May, following weeks of closely watched testimony and legal wrangling, Donald Trump became the first former president in United States history to be criminally convicted in a jury trial, netting 34 separate felony guilty verdicts for falsifying business records related to hush money payments concealing his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. […]

Ukraine peace summit gets mixed support

What happened A two-day Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland ended Sunday with 78 countries signing a communique backing Ukraine’s “territorial integrity” as the root of any deal to end Russia’s war. Russia was not invited to the peace talks and China, Moscow’s most important ally, did not attend. Several major countries, including India, South Africa, […]

Chipping away at women’s rights

I’m a big fan of contraception. Thanks to the blessed availability of the pill, I got to have my child when I chose to. This doesn’t make me unusual: At least 90 percent of American women use contraception at some point in their lives. But what about future American women? What about my teenage daughter? […]

Who is Royce White, the basketball star challenging Sen. Amy Klobuchar?

On paper, Royce White seems like an ideal political outsider. He’s a charismatic, high-profile public figure with a compelling personal narrative and pre-existing fan base from his time as a professional athlete and charismatic broadcaster. In that sense, the Minnesota Republican party’s choice to tap White — a former college basketball star, first-round NBA draft […]

Why does Trump talk about sharks so much?

Donald Trump is not what most people would call an “environmentalist” or “naturalist.” For years, he has peppered his conversations and public addresses with observations about various animals, asking his top advisers about how badgers “work” and expressing frustration at wind turbines he believes have “killed so many eagles.” But one animal has been his […]