Bull gores the ‘Messi of matadors’

The “Messi of matadors” has been gored by a bull, reported The Telegraph. Andres Roca Rey, a “darling of the Spanish media” was hospitalised with severe bruising after the incident with the half-ton bull. The animal, which had already been stabbed several times in the back with banderillas, tossed Roca Rey in the air “like a doll” before “crushing him into the red-cushioned barrier”, said the paper. In an interview in 2021, the Spaniard compared the relationship with a bull to that between lovers.

Pink burgers released for Barbie

Burger King in Brazil is offering pink burgers to coincide with the “Barbie” movie. In a tweet, the company showcased the new limited edition Pink Burger, which features a smokey dragonfruit pink sauce, cheese, bacon and a beef patty served on a brioche bun, French fries served in a Barbie-themed container, and a pink Barbie Donut Shake. Canoe noted other gimmicks, including in Thailand, where the chain has released an all-cheese burger that contains nothing but a stack of American cheese between two buns.

California cops turn into shepherds

US Police “put their shepherding skills to the test” when they were called to round up a herd of goats that escaped their enclosure and “took over a neighbourhood”, said UPI. After the Shea Drive area in California was overrun with escaped goats, the animals were rounded up and returned to their enclosure. The escape took place the same day the Bay Area Rapid Transit announced it would be replacing its herd of fire mitigation goats with a flock of sheep, noted the outlet.

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