How your laughter shows when you’re in love

When you fall in love people can sense it in your laughter, reported The Times. According to research led by the University of Baltimore, it takes only a few moments for people to distinguish between the “pleasant-sounding” laugh of friends and the “more baby-like, more submissive” laugh of those in early romances. Laughter between friends, untrammelled by the “emotional volatility and craving associated with romantic love”, sounds calmer and less submissive than laughter between new lovers, said Professor Sally Farley, lead author of the study.

Firm produces woolly mammoth meatball

A colossal meatball has been created using the resurrected flesh of the long-extinct woolly mammoth. Vow, the Australian company behind the creation, is trying to demonstrate the potential of growing flesh from cells without slaughtering animals. It hopes to use cells from unconventional species to create new kinds of meat, while highlighting the link between large-scale livestock production and the climate crisis. Japanese quail is expected to be the first cultivated meat to be sold to diners, said The Telegraph.

Fire service help person out of handcuffs

Police and firefighters in the Midlands joined forces after a person on the street approached officers and asked for help escaping from a set of handcuffs. “An unusual job today,” Heath Town and East Park Police tweeted. “We helped someone OUT of handcuffs.” West Midlands Fire Service helped officers liberate the person from the handcuffs. Although it is unclear how the person came to be bound in the cuffs, the department clarified that the cause was “not a police issue”.

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