Italian town bans selfies

A town on the Italian Riviera has introduced no-waiting zones to stop tourists for “lingering” in popular spots for selfies. Visitors to Portofino could now be fined up to 275 euros (£242) for hanging around too long in the zones, which include “the most photogenic hotspots”, said the BBC. The local mayor, Matteo Viacava, said that “anarchic chaos” had been caused by tourists stopping to take pictures, leading to huge traffic jams and blocked pavements.

Toddler infiltrates White House

A toddler infiltrated White House grounds yesterday. CNN said the “tiny intruder” crawled through the fence on the north side of the White House, setting off security alerts. “The Secret Service Uniformed Division today encountered a curious young visitor along the White House north fence line who briefly entered White House ground,” said Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications for the Secret Service. He added that “the White House security systems instantly triggered Secret Service officers” and “the toddler and parents were quickly reunited”.

T-rex ‘skeleton’ sold for $6m

A Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton has sold for US$6.1m in a rare auction in Switzerland. The skeleton, made up of the bones of three different T-Rexes, is thought to be 65m to 67m years old. Named ‘Trinity’, it had been expected to fetch a higher price after it was put up for sale by an anonymous US individual. However, the sale had critics. Vertebrate palaeontologist Thomas Holtz told The Guardian that Trinity “really isn’t a ‘specimen’ so much as it is an art installation”.

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