Prayers to worm gods at ‘bonkers’ worm charming contest

The third annual Falmouth Worm Charming Championships saw hundreds of worms enticed up to the surface, reported Cornwall Live. This year’s “utterly bonkers” competition saw participants charm 260 worms out of the ground – a significant increase on last year, which was held during a heatwave and only saw one worm reach the surface. Among the techniques used during the event include praying to the worm gods, writing a love letter to the worms, playing the didgeridoo, and blowing into vuvuzelas.

World’s tallest dog hopes for new gong

The two-year-old Great Dane from Texas who was named the tallest dog last year may also be the tallest dog that’s ever lived, claimed his proud owners. Zeus, who stands at a record-breaking 3ft 5.18in, is “so tall he drinks out the kitchen sink and draws lots of attention while out on walks”, said Sky News. “Coincidentally, the tallest dog EVER was also a Great Dane named Zeus, who was also from the US,” added the BBC, but the current Zeus may break his namesake’s record.

Lost ring found in sewage

A crew performing sewer maintenance in California found an engagement ring that had been flushed down the toilet by its owner’s five-year-old son the previous year. Explaining the loss of the ring, the boy’s mother, Yana Glass, said it “was in the bathroom, it was shiny, he wanted to look at it, dropped it and didn’t want to tell us and thought the best thing to deal with this was flush it down and hide the crime”. After the public works employees found the ring, they returned it to the owners, after “thoroughly” cleaning it, noted UPI.

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