Roman-era Brits kept lap dogs

The remains of a miniature dachshund-like dog have been found at what was once the villa of a wealthy family, suggesting that people kept pets during the Roman era. The 1,800-year-old remains, among artefacts recovered from a nature reserve near Oxford, suggest that it was 20cm tall at the shoulder, making it one of the smallest Roman dogs found in Britain, said The Times. “We can’t imagine it being used for anything other than a lap dog,” said Maiya Pina-Dacier, an archaeologist at DigVentures.

‘Haunted’ rocking horse sold

A “haunted” rocking horse that is believed to have moved itself from room to room over the years is going up for sale. The wooden toy is being sold by the great-granddaughter of a medium named Dick Godden, who is said to have used it to help summon spirits. Her great-grandmother told stories to people of leaving the house with the rocking horse on the landing but returning to find it in a completely different room, though no one else was in the house at the time, noted Fox News.

Man bids from drum record

A musician in Northern Ireland tried to reclaim a Guinness World Record by playing the drums for more than 150 hours. Allister Brown, 45, has held the record twice in the past, and was attempting to beat the current record of 134 hours and 5 minutes, which was set by Canadian Steve Gaul in 2015. His bid raised money for NIPANC, a Northern Ireland charity dedicated to pancreatic cancer awareness, and Mind, a mental health charity, noted UPI.

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