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10 ways to accomplish your financial and legal resolutions

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From stamp collections to fine wine investments and fine art portfolios, here’s a run-down of some innovative and lucrative financial opportunities for the New Year.

1. Diversify your investment portfolio with fine art

Adding fine art to your investment portfolio has never been simpler, and individual investors can get started from only £10,000. Worth considering when you consider the fine art market is worth more than £55bn[1] and has shown average performance of 141% over the past 10 years[2]. Johan Nelson is an innovative art gallery based in London whose team supports retail buyers and smaller-scale collectors in purchasing original one-off artworks from a wide range of in-demand, blue-chip and well-established artists. Their team works with buyers and collectors who are generally new to the market and may be looking to acquire the first piece of collectable art in their portfolio.

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  2. Knight Frank Luxury Index

2. Invest in the future you want through property

The property market is an enticing prospect for many of us, but all the technical jargon surrounding it can be very off-putting. That’s exactly what the team at Buy To Let Hunter aims to cut through, providing jargon-free, honest and hassle-free property investment support. The recipe is simple: the company creates flexible rent properties (a home-from-home that guests can move straight into) from buy-to-let investments. And by offering flexible rentals to guests in selected commuter towns, Buy To Let Hunter is often able to offer great returns. The company’s clients typically aren’t property tycoons – just people that want to get a little more from their investments to create the future they want.

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3. Save money by switching your energy provider 

Switching to a better energy deal can save you hundreds of pounds a year – but finding and moving to a new deal can be both a hassle and confusing. Flipper is a fuss-busting service that manages the whole process for you. Flipper searches the widest available range of tariffs to find you a better deal, completes the switch for you and then keeps checking the market every month to make sure you never overpay for energy again. On average, Flipper customers save £385 per year.

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4. Are you due a stamp duty refund?

If you have a SIPP (self-invested personal pension) or SSAS (small self-administered scheme) pension holding commercial property, you may be due for a tax windfall. SDLT Refunds’ research shows that thousands may have paid stamp duty in error when transferring their business premises into their pensions over the past 16 years. The company can help you to get that money back – it offers a free initial assessment and operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.


5. Invest in the global shift to cleaner energy 

Climate change represents one of the biggest existential threats to the planet and should be a top priority for us all. Pictet Asset Management is passionate about this, recognising that ambitious new climate goals will spur investments into the clean energy industry. The only way to meet the world’s growing demand for energy while decreasing its carbon emissions is to adopt more energy-efficient technologies and switch to low or zero carbon energy alternatives. Pictet Asset Management believes this seismic shift in our economy and in our way of living represents rich and diverse investment opportunities with substantial growth potential in the years to come.

Find out how momentum is building to tackle climate change and how clean energy investors can play their part here

6. Step into the wonderful world of stamp collecting

Postage stamps should be considered miniature works of art – colourful, well-designed and superbly printed. The value of a stamp is directly linked to its rarity, condition and its story. These three factors can determine the difference between a stamp, such as the Penny Black, being valued at £100 or £100,000 – not bad for something that originally cost a penny. Stanley Gibbons is here to help you on the road to discovering such treasures. With a distinguished heritage dating back to 1856, Stanley Gibbons is the world’s longest-established rare stamp merchant, and its philatelic experts are always on hand to offer valuations and advise on collections. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all rare items – Stanley Gibbons is the only philatelist in the world to offer this assurance.

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7. Build up your fine wine investment portfolio

Being able to blend one’s passion with solid investment options is a rare and precious opportunity – and wine is just one of those areas. Moncharm Wine Traders was founded in 2010 as a bespoke fine wine merchant with the aim of connecting wine collectors and investors to the most sought-after brands and vintages in the wine world. Fine wine increased in value by 120% over the past decade according to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2020. It’s a tax-free and highly liquid asset class, with wine hedging against inflation and historically performing well in times of low interest rates. Moncharm’s clients can enjoy access to bespoke portfolios designed by its experienced wine experts, starting from just £10,000.

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8. Debt collection made easy

Recovering outstanding debt can be a hugely stressful process. Access Credit Management takes the sting out of it, offering 20 years of experience in dealing with slow-paying debtors. The company has a solid reputation for securing and recovering outstanding commercial debt from around the world. In addition, it takes the time to understand your business needs. So, whether you require assistance to develop or revise your company credit policy and procedures, a full sales ledger cleanse or a helping hand with one or two selective overdue accounts, Access Credit Management can help.


9. Turn your money into gold

Throughout human history, the most reliable currencies have been gold and silver. No matter what’s happened in the world, these precious commodities have always been dependable. Kinesis is a digital platform that enables users to convert fiat currency into physical, allocated gold and silver. Kinesis currencies are instantly convertible so they can be spent, sent or traded, locally or globally, in seconds. The global Kinesis virtual and physical Visa card programmes allow users to spend their digitised precious metals, just like cash. Users are able to hold their assets outside the traditional banking system, while enjoying the everyday utility of Kinesis’ comprehensive trading and banking platform.

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10. Support global healthcare by making a will for free

Look ahead, prepare a will and also consider how you might leave an enduring legacy. Mercy Ships, through a partnership with the Free Wills Network, is offering a free Will preparation service to those of us who feel passionate about supporting healthcare initiatives. Mercy Ships is a pioneering medical charity working to strengthen healthcare systems in some of the world’s poorest nations. Using state-of-the-art hospital ships, it sails to countries in need to provide free surgeries on board, and to offer free training and resources for local healthcare professionals in order to leave a legacy of better healthcare for all. You can step up to help make healthcare available to all by having a Will made at no cost to yourself and leaving a charitable gift.

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