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Investment advice podcasts

Podcast 1 – Mike Broomfield on pensions freedoms

Hear Mike Broomfield from The Pensions Regulator talking to LBC’s Ian Dale about investment scams:

Podcast 2 – Alex Eristavi on how the police approach scams

Detective Sergeant Alex Eristavi from City of London Police discusses how many people are caught up in investment scams each year.

Podcast 3 – case study Steve X

Ian Dale talks to a fraud victim about how he was scammed.

Podcast 4 – Nick Hewer on scam tactics & warning signs

Nick Hewer discusses how to spot the warning signs of a scam.

Podcast 5 – Nick Hewer revisits scam tactics

Nick Hewer discusses the scam tactics fraudsters may use

Podcast 6 – Mark Steward on common investment scams

Clive Bull talks to Mark Steward about the many kinds of investment scams that fraudsters use.

Podcast 7 – John Stepek on the key steps when investing

MoneyWeek’s John Stepek explains the risks around investments.

Podcast 8 – Nick Hewer on the most common scam tactics

How do investment scammers approach their victims? Nick Hewer explains all.

Podcast 9 – The most common scam tactics part 2

The second part of Nick Hewer’s discussion of common scam tactics.

Podcast 10 – How many people are scammed each year?

Detective Sergeant Alex Eristavi explains how many people lose money to investment scams each year.


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