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Ten handy financial and legal solutions

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From help in dealing with court documents to investing in precious metals, these are some of the most ingenious ways of tackling financial and legal challenges.

1. Turn your money into gold

Kinesis is transforming the precious metals industry by bringing back gold and silver as currencies once again, through its bespoke digital platform. A simple, easy-to-use interface that allows people to connect with precious metals in their day-to-day banking and investment life. Kinesis provides the platform for users to purchase fully allocated physical gold and silver, securely vaulted without charge, with the ability to liquidate their physical holdings instantly and at any time. Kinesis aims to help investors safeguard their wealth in precious metals while earning a passive yield paid monthly in physical gold and silver.


2. Invest in antique silver and fine jewellery 

World-famous international silver dealer Koopman Rare Art has opened a new gallery at 12 Dover Street, Mayfair, focusing on top-quality English silver from the 18th and 19th centuries. This long-established company has built some of the most significant collections of the past 70 years and now also specialises in 20th-century fine jewellery, alongside an extensive collection of gold and enamel snuffboxes. One of the key inspirations for Koopman is finding exquisite objects of excellent quality, good taste and exceptional and timeless design. Silver is a material that can be worked into pieces of great beauty and is an elegant way of presenting a different style of art in your home.


3. Get expert help in planning your finances

We all deserve quality, hassle-free financial advice. Compare Wealth Managers is here to help you find it — all you need to do is say what kind of services you’re in need of and the team will find the professionals who can help. The stress-free, complimentary online service will connect you with wealth managers who can assist you in reaching your financial goals. Within minutes, the team will be able to compare firms that’ll best prioritise your needs, taking into account your unique financial situation and guiding you towards financial stability and wellbeing. Using its industry knowledge, Compare Wealth Managers gets to know its wealth management partners inside and out, priding itself on being independent and impartial. There’s no obligation, so try the quick yet comprehensive online service today.


4. Save on your bills with a super-smart free utility switching service

When you switch to Clooper – the ground-breaking, technology-driven platform connecting landlords, tenants, tradespeople and homeowners – you can save considerably on your energy and broadband. Clooper Switch is the latest addition to the innovative living management and cost-saving ecosystem that makes DIY property management, lettings and maintenance so much easier. Clooper will make sure you remain on a good rate by sending you the best utility deals available at renewal. By bringing everything into one place, you no longer need to run helter-skelter to solve day-to-day challenges like finding the right property to rent, finding a high-quality tenant, finding good tradespeople or saving money on bills.

Visit today to make sure you never pay more than you need to for your energy and broadband.

5. Find help in dealing with a CCJ sent to the wrong address

To have a county court judgement (CCJ) on your credit record could make it virtually impossible for you to get credit, as it will show on your credit file as a court judgement for an unpaid debt. Distressingly, this can often result from a simple case of a parking ticket being issued to a former address. Common examples of this are parking tickets and bills from utility companies, mobile phone companies and debt-collection agencies. If you’ve discovered a CCJ that went to a former address, Lender & Court can assist you in establishing the necessary legal grounds and help with the often difficult court process. Lender & Court is licensed by The Bar Standards Board to instruct barristers.

Call Lender & Court now on 0345 548 4345 for a free assessment or visit

6. Make your mark and transform lives aboard a hospital ship

Mercy Ships operates the largest charity-run hospital ships in the world, delivering vital medical care to the world’s poorest people. Globally, two out of three people have no access to safe, affordable surgery when they need it. The brand-new hospital ship the Global Mercy will launch in 2022 – becoming the largest ship of its kind in the world – with more than 200 volunteer roles to choose from. The organisation is seeking everyone from teachers to technicians, plumbers to paediatricians, electricians to engineers. These vital roles are waiting to be filled by professionals ready to start their next adventure as part of a global team that transforms lives. It takes a crew to run a hospital ship.

Find out more at or email [email protected].

7. Make sure your cybersecurity is as strong as it needs to be

The mass adoption of working from home during the pandemic has had a significant impact on making IT systems more susceptible to cyberattacks. It’s more essential than ever that businesses keep pace with new cyber threats and technology initiatives. What can you do? The answer is in preparation and having a proactive approach to cybersecurity. The problem for most businesses is discovering where best to focus spending. Working with specialist partners, such as Babble, simplifies the process, offering expert business insight into the cybersecurity solutions you should consider. Download Babble’s report, which details the steps you need to take to ensure that working away from the office doesn’t mean working away from protection.

Take the steps towards a more flexible and secure future at

8. Make the most of your properties with short letting

If you’re thinking about relocating, are a frequent traveller or have a second home that’s often vacant, short-term rentals could provide a new source of income and possibly help you to take advantage of the increased freedom to work from anywhere. Under The Doormat has welcomed more than 12,000 guests since 2014 and fully manages over 300 homes. The company provides homeowners with the comfort of knowing their home is occupied through short and mid lets of anywhere from three nights to six months. The dedicated homeowner team looks after you and your home through every step, in line with Under The Doormat’s Peace of Mind Pledge. The company offers market-leading insurance, guest vetting and personal check-ins for every stay, as well as a professional cleaning service, which is covered by its 10-Point Hygiene Promise. Sign up your home and get a complimentary chocolate hamper.

Get in touch today by contacting [email protected]. Learn more at

9. Boost your investment while avoiding unnecessary risk

The team at Oakmount & Partners has a simple aim: to optimise investment performance over the medium to long term without exposing customers to unnecessary risk. Offering compelling opportunities leading out to 2025 and beyond, the company’s goal is to achieve a greater rate of return on investment for its clients while maintaining the same high level of personal and professional service it has continued to deliver for over a decade. Oakmount & Partners provides premium-quality, asset-backed and secured investment opportunities with a strategic focus on clean energy, commodities, green mining, tech and IPOs. Contact the team for more information by calling 01279 874392. Subject to status, Ts&Cs apply.


10. Find out how personalised stockbroking services can help you

Clear Capital Markets champions a traditional stockbroking model based on a transparent tailored service to clients and their investment requirements. The personal service ensures each client is assigned their own broker regardless of the bespoke service they choose. Each client’s broker is a direct point of contact for all their needs, from discussing specific trading and investment ideas, portfolio construction and rebalancing to general stock market or admin queries. With Clear Capital Markets, clients can get access to exciting IPO opportunities along with advice on small-cap stocks, as well as highly competitive rates personalised to them.

Find out how Clear Capital Markets can help you diversify and enrich your portfolio by visiting

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the company’s Risk Warnings, particularly those relating to IPOs and Small Cap Stocks


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