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Where to get the best iPhone 6 deal

The latest iPhone models launched last weekend amid much fanfare and excitement. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are larger than previous models and boast new features including sharper graphics and a faster processor. As usual there has been a clamour to get hold of the new model with 37 per cent of iPhone users saying it is very important to them to have the latest model, according to a survey by cashback website Quidco. So, if you are desperate to have the latest iPhone where is the best place to get it?

If you are going to get the phone through a network provider then you need to consider not only what memory size and colour you want but also how you will use your phone as you need to get a contract that provides you with enough minutes, texts and data.

Anyone planning to use the phone mainly for calls and texts would be best off with Vodafone which has a 24-month contract at £34.50 a month. For that you get 600 minutes, unlimited texts and a 500MB data allowance (that’s enough to send 1,000 emails or view 1,500 web pages, or watch one hour of online video – though it may be too little for heavy internet users). You’ll also need to pay £149 upfront to get an iPhone 6 16GB.

As well as making phone calls, most people use their iPhones to surf the internet, read emails and use apps, but all of that eats into your data allowance. EE comes out on top for these users with a cost of £38.99 a month over two years with unlimited minutes and texts and a 20GB data allowance, but you will need to pay £209.99 upfront for the phone.

If you want the best value for money then generally you should buy your iPhone separately from your mobile phone contract. Network providers make a nice profit from selling you an iPhone via a contract. Take the two best buy deals above, effectively, you will pay £977 and £1,146 respectively over two years for your iPhone.

In contrast if you buy your iPhone directly from Apple it will cost you £539 for the 16GB model. Then opt for a sim-only phone contract where prices start from as little as £7 a month for 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 250mb data with GiffGaff. In total that will cost you £707 over two years. Buy it using the best cashback credit card and you can cut your overall costs by a further £26.95. The American Express Platinum Cashback card offers 5% cashback for the first three months.

Even if you need a larger data allowance you could still get your iPhone 6 for £827 over two years if you buy the handset from Apple then get a £12 a month sim card deal from GiffGaff with 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet.

If you can’t afford the £539 upfront cost then consider paying for it with a 0% purchase credit card. Halifax has a credit card with a 0% interest rate on purchases for 20 months. So you could pay for your iPhone in 20 payments of £26.95 without having to pay anything upfront.


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