The Week Unwrapped: Age barriers, women’s drinking and edgy books

Olly Mann and The Week delve behind the headlines and debate what really matters from the past seven days. With Cindy Yu, Jamie Timson and Rebekah Evans.

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In this week’s episode, we discuss:

Automation and the elderly

When an elderly couple were charged £110 by Ryanair to print out their boarding passes this week, the airline was roundly criticised. But is this a portent of wider problems to come? Rail companies are planning to close ticket offices, an increasing number of shops are refusing to take cash and many services now require an app or an online account. Will those unable or unwilling to use technology find themselves excluded from society?

Edgy books

A children’s book on Princess Diana has garnered controversy this week, as it intends to discuss bulimia. While some have suggested tackling such a sensitive topic is a pioneering force for education and openness, others find it inappropriate to introduce young children to such themes. Is omitting challenging topics from childrens’ literature a form of censorship? Or do authors and parents alike have a duty to shield young minds from issues they do not yet understand?

Women and alcohol

A new study in the US has found that more women are dying from alcohol than ever before. Experts point the finger at an increase in marketing of alcohol towards women with surveys suggesting more women are drinking to excess for fun than ever before – but is enough known on the gender divide when it comes to how alcohol affects the body and what about the ‘sober curious’ next generation of adults?



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